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Hush Panel is a range of wall and ceiling sound absorption panels.

There are 8 different designs within the range to suit any project and enhance your working environment.


Panel Hush acoustic absorption boards are idea for:

  • Offices

  • Education

  • Hotels

  • Domestic environment

  • Community spaces

  • Churches


Panel Hush has been designed to reduce unwated echo noise and reverberation within spaces.

The use of either wal or ceiling panels help to make it easier to hear and concentrate when having a conversation.



  • Provides up to Class 'A' performance

  • Installation service or supply only

  • Technical, onsite support and contract management.

  • Choice of 20 different colours

  • Up to 8 different panel designs

  • Minimum order 10 panels

  • Design flexibility

  • 3rd generation recyed

  • Echo control

  • Transforming noisey rooms

  • Sound absorption

  • Sound coefficient

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