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Eye Eye Captain - Keeping it quiet

PanelHush completed the fist floor of twelve at Sea Container House London over the weekend, we installed our acoustic wall panels within 12 different meeting rooms on the 11th floor.

PanelHush acoustic absorption boards are idea for offices, education buildings, hotels, community spaces and restaurants. The Hush Panel has been designed to reduce unwanted echo noise and reverberation within spaces.

The use of either wall or ceiling panels and tiles help to make it easier to hear and concentrate when having a conversation. PanelHush acoustic wall panels can achieve up to 0,95 NRC.

What Does A Noise Reduction Coefficient Mean?

NRC Ratings can range from 0 indicating a perfectly reflective material to 1 indicating a perfectly absorptive material. One way to look at NRC ratings is to see them as a percentage of sound that comes in contact with a sound absorption material and are not reflected back into the room.

For example, a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.7 would indicate that 70% of sound waves are absorbed by the material.

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