PanelHush Sky

PanelHush Sky ceiling rafts have been designed and tested to reduce the room echo and reverberation.

When wall space is tight we offer a solution of installing sound absorption panels from your ceiling.

These sound absorbing panels and acoustic boards come in 40 different fabric colours to choose from and can be delivered within 3 to 5 working days.

Each acoustic wall panel has a sound absorption performance of Class A with a thickness of 25mm.

The PanelHush Sky ceiling rafts will improve your workplace environment by absorbing your unwanted noise.

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Our PanelHush Sky ceiling raft panels allow for the room echo and reverberation to be hit from underneath and from above giving the Class A performance.

The range includes 28 different designs to meet your design and space designs and needs.

Installation is quick and easy with the use of our 2mm cable and eyelet hook system.

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